The ICFAI University Tripura is an institution of excellence, recognised for the academic calibre and versatility of its educational programmes. The ‘Faculty of Liberal Arts’(FLA), offers courses along broad disciplinary lines in Literature, Economics, Linguistics, English, Philosophy, Psychology, Policy Studies, Sociology, Art, Music, Gender Studies, Theatre and Foreign Languages. The department profoundly follows the Liberal Arts education system by familiarising students with broader social, cultural, economic, ethical and humane concerns during the courses of study.

 The Department presently offers a comprehensive and stimulating introduction to English language and literature through its campus-based, full time MA-English program of 2 years duration and BA-English (Hons) program of 3 years duration. Both the programs explore how the language ‘English’ is used in a variety of global contexts, since one gets to explore writing and speech in a wide range of forms. The programs also aim to be both an inspirational and aspirational forum cultivating a lively intellectual environment within which a student can test their ideas, germinate sophisticated critical approaches and build interpretative, analytical and compositional skills that will have a lasting impact on their intellectual and professional life wherever the future takes them.

 The department draws faculties and students from different fields and diverse backgrounds placing the different courses at the intersection of liberal learning. Theoretical and interpretive approaches on social texts and traditions provide a broad range of interdisciplinary perspectives to the courses being offered. Students are always supported to generate new discourses with contemporary focus on wide variety of areas while gaining rigorous training in reading, writing, speaking, and thinking critically in multiple languages.

Following the concept of Liberal Arts, the Department is already seen as having a range of exciting scholarly activities following the experiential learning process, promoting and supporting multidisciplinary work of the kind, Co-curricular activities developing wellness and aesthetic sensitivity; guidance and mentoring by faculty and professionals, thereby contributing to expanding the frontiers of knowledge in Humanities and Social Sciences.

The department has added a new feather to the cap by introducing BA-Psychology(H) and MA-Psychology Programs from Academic session 2020-21.