Indian English Writing in English is a one semester course designed  to create awareness among the M.A students about the diverse literary genres written by Indians in English.This is a continuation of the foundation course Indian English Literature 1&2 which is a compulsory paper in B.A 1st and 2nd year. though keeping in mind there would be students from various other colleges as well, hence in this course there is are literary pieces from pre-independence Indian English literature. 

A list of Indian authors writing in English  from various literary genres pre and post independence are provided.This course is teacher specific, the teachers can choose the specific literary pieces as per their specialization within the expected list and form the syllabus.

An over view of Indian Diasporic Literature is provided through various Indian Diasporic authors from various parts of the world.

This course helps to broaden the horizon of the students by introducing them to various literary theories in practice as well with reference to the Indian writers in English if not in details .