This will explain the history ,nature and process and Philosophy of Analyse the role of educational system in the context of Modern Ethos and Understand the concept of diversity.
it will also develop an understanding of the trends, issues, and challenges faced by the contemporary Indian Education in global context.
The course deals with-
the basic behavior pattern of human and how to deal in an apt manner. to deal and negotiate with different kinds of human nature . to be well versed with communication Sklills.
Assesment For Learning

Curriculum Studies is an important course in M.A (Education).Any course related to school,college and university is organized on the basis of its curriculum. All the learning experiences gained by the students in any institution are based on its curriculum.

Educational research refers to the systematic collection and analysis of data related to the field of education.

This course introduces students to (1)the field of human rights, (2)the role of education in the human rights framework, and (3)human rights education as a field of scholarship and educational practice. Human rights education seeks to address persistent social and educational inequalities and is tailored to local contexts around the globe. This course will look at debates and key ideas that underpin the field of human rights, specifically as they apply to the conceptualization and practice of human rights education.

Teacher Eligibility Test -II

17 Weeks (Starts- 1 Feb,2020)
Enrollment Ends : 29 Feb,2020