Organisation and Administration in Physical Education

Course starts on 01/01/2020

Method of Physical Education


After completing this course:-

Ø The student-teachers will be able to apply the various method for teaching physical education.

Ø They will be able to remember the various factors influencing method of Teaching.

Ø They also will be able to know about the principles of presentation techniques.

Ø They also will be able to understand the importance of command method in physical education.

Ø They will be able to remember about the various class formation for teaching games and sports.

Ø They also will be able to prepare the lesson plan for various games and sports.


After completing this course the students will be able to

v apply the method of teaching according to games and sports.

v find out the factors which is influencing in method of teaching.

v present the skills in appropriate way.

v use the various types of command according to the situation.

v select the class formation according to class size.

v prepare the micro and macro lesson plan.


Internal-I:- 15 marks (Assignment) Last week of February.

Internal-II:- 15 marks (Classroom Presentation) Last week of April.

Mid Term:- 30 marks.

End Term:- 40 marks.

Teaching – Learning Process:-

Lecture-cum-Discussion Method,
Collaborative learning,
Student’s Presentation,
Discussion and Project work

References:- 1. Bossing, N.L.- ‘Methods & Teaching Secondary Schools’.

2. Knap. C. & Hagma. E.P.- ‘Teaching Methods for Physical Education’.

3. Kozman H.C. Cassidy R. & Jackson C.- ‘Methods in Physical Education’.

Prof. Laxmindar Debnath
Faculty of Physical Education and Yoga
ICFAI University, Tripura
Mobile:- 9862161494


Sports management is the application of management science to the creation and development of sporting events. 


  • To give knowledge about Management.
  • To give knowledge regarding scope of sports management.
  • To give knowledge about leadership styles.
  • To give knowledge about sports management in school, college and university . 
  • To give knowledge about financial management in sports. 

Course Outcomes:
After this course students will be able to

  • Understand the meaning of management.
  • Scope of sports management in the field of Physical education and sports.
  • Acquire the knowledge of various leadership style and implementation.
  • Acquire the knowledge of financial management in sports. 

Evaluation Process

  • Internal - I - 15 Marks.
  • Mid Term -   30 Marks
  • Internal- II -  15 Marks
  • End Term -    40- Marks