Curriculum studies, which is understood as both a disciplinary and an interdisciplinary field of study, is essentially a series of activities and learning outcome goals related to each subject for both students and teachers.

Research Methodology II refers to statistical techniques used in the Educational Research for the information about nature of collected data and infer about population from the collected sample  by using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics respectively. 

Course Description

Research Methodology II refers to the preparation of Research Scholars in the field of Education particularly in Teacher Education Institutions,

In this course we will discuss about descriptive and inferential statistics techniques.  Descriptive statistics deals with graphical representation such as Histogram, Bar chart, Pie chart, polygon curve , Ogive as well as measures of the indices such as Central tendency, variability, relative positions, relationship and normality for showing nature of collected data in research study. Inferential statistics deals with parametric and non parametric tests for inferring about population on the basis of selected sample under the  research study.

Course Objective     

The following are the basic objectives of this course:

* It aims to serve research scholar in understanding of graphical representation for analyzing nature     of collected data under research study 

* It aims to help research scholar in calculating the measures of descriptive statistics for analyzing nature of collected data under research study 

*The course also deals with the inferential statistics which helps the research scholar for inferring about population from the sample

* The course enables the research scholars to develop skill in calculating problems with accuracy. 

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course, Research Scholars enable to achieve the following objectives

* To draw Histogram, Bar chart, Pie chart, polygon curve , Ogive.

* To compute different indices of Measures of Central tendency, variability, relative positions, relationship and normality

* To get competency in calculating parametric and non parametric tests 

Course Structure

Research Methodology has L- 4, p-0, U -4   which refers to 4 lectures in a week

Lecture Delivery Format (Blended/ Online)

 Blended and  Flipped classroom

Google classroom, Google Meet, Whats app, Email, Video conferencing etc.

Learning Activities/ Discussion Forum/ Peer Ratings
Open Discussion

Lecture, Lecture cum demonstration method, Problem solving, Group discussion, Debate and panel discussion , presentation by the research scholars,  Peer dialogue and ratings


Internal-I  Assignment ---- (10%)

Mid-Term Examination ---- (30%)

Internal-II Assignment---- (10%)/

Comprehensive  Examination  (50%)

Expected Participation in the Course

All students who enrolled and registered in this semester