The history and practise of translation is not new. Although major languages of the world other than Tamil and Sanskrit has evolved hand in hand with translation. Translation as a practice is not new. It is there with us since the beginning of human ccivilization. However, in the later half of the twentieth century, basically during the 1960s and 1970s there was a water follow of theories. It was the various waves of World war and movements in the 20th Century that provided the setting for the emergence of a new discipline named Translation Studies in the 1970s by Susan Bassenett and Andre Lefevere. Earlier Translation Studies was taken to be a part of Linguistic itself but later on with new researches and study the very discipline got emerged with more broader area of research. As a result many cross discipline and inter disciplinaries subjects like Philosophy, History, Feminism, Anthropology, Culture, Films, Linguistic, Post colonial, Post Modernism, Marxism and others got mingled with this very discipline of Translation Studies.