This course is offered in the third semester for the BSc in Chemistry students. It provides a comprehensive survey of structure, bonding, properties and applications of various Coordination Compounds. It offers a complete knowledge on general trends of Transition elements, Lanthanoids and Actinoids. It also stretches a brief concept on inorganic chemistry Reaction Mechanism. 

After completion of this course, students can impart essential theoretical knowledge on Coordination chemistry and as well as on the general trends of Transition elements, Lanthanoids and Actinoids. Students can also build their problem-solving skills on the above-mentioned topic. This will help them in various competitive examinations like IIT-JAM. In Coordination chemistry unit students gained knowledge on structures, bonding, properties, and reaction mechanism of various coordination compounds. Students now can calculate the CFSE, predict the geometry and magnetic properties in a given coordination complex. They also understood the reason of different colours among the coordination complexes. Chemistry of transition elements gave students information regarding some analytically important compounds. In Lanthanide and Actinide chemistry students gained knowledge on their general properties.