This course is in 1st year 2nd Semester compulsory for all the Engineering students.

Currently this course is taught as a Summer Term course who has registered for this.

Scope & objective of the course: The objective of this course is to provide comprehensive idea about circuit analysis, working principle of machines and common measuring instruments. At the end of the course the students will be able to understand concepts of magnetic, AC and DC circuits, basic electronic components like diodes, bipolar junction transistor, field effect transistors etc, applications of DC and AC machines, measuring instruments.

Outcome of the course:

Learner will be able to…

1. To evaluate D.C. circuits using network theorems.

2. To understand the concepts of Semiconductors, diodes and Transistors.

2. To evaluate 1-Φ AC circuits.

3. To illustrate constructional features and operation of 1-Φ transformer.

4. To illustrate working principle of DC machines.

5. To conduct experiments on D.C. circuits and AC circuits.