Scope and objective of the course: This course is an extension of Power Electronics applications to AC and DC drives. Control of DC motor drives with single phase and three phase converters and choppers are given in detail. The control of AC motor drives with variable frequency converters and variable voltage are presented.

Text book(s):
T1:       Power semiconductor controlled drives by G K Dubey Prentice Hall
T2:       Power Electronic Circuits, Devices and applications by M.H.Rashid, PHI.
Reference book(s):
R1:       Electric Drives – N.K. De and P.K. Sen, Tata – PHI, 2007.
R2:       Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives by B.K.Bose, PHI.
R3:       Thyristor Control of Electric drives – Vedam Subramanyam Tata McGraw Hill Publilcations.
R4:       A First course on Electrical Drives – S K Pillai New Age International(P) Ltd. 2nd Editon