Course Title:  Mechanics of Solids                                      Course Code: ES222T


Scope & Objective of the course:

This course deals with the relations between externally applied loads and internal effects on the bodies. This course forms the base of Civil and Mechanical engineering and is a prerequisite for subjects like Structural Analysis. Structural Design, Machine Design etc.


Text book(s): 1. TH: Strength of materials: G.H Ryder MacMillan India Ltd. 2: Elements of strength of materials: S.P. Timoshenko and D.H Young. East West I Pvt. Ltd.


Reference book (s): RI: Engineering mechanics of solids: Egor P Popov: Pearson Publication.



Stress & strain, Types of stresses, stress-strain curve, elastic limit, Hooke's Law, factor of safety, elastic constants, burs of varying sections, bars of composite sections, elongation due to sell weight bars of uniform strength complimentary shear stresses.

Complex stresses, Stresses on inclined plane, Ellipse of stresses Mohr's circle of stress. Stresses on inclined planes due to normal and shear stresses principal plane, principal stresses and strains.

Shear force & Bending Moment, Stresses in beams, Beam-Definition, types of loads and supports Sign convention for SF and BM, SF and BM diagrams for some statically determinate beams, relationship between rate of loading. SF and BM

 Theory of bending, neutral axis and moment of resistance, bending stresses in symmetrical section, section modulus, shear stresses in beams

Torsional stresses in shafts, Analysis of torsional stresses, combined bending and torsion, equivalent bending moment and torque.

Combined bending and direct stresses, Combined bending and direct stresses, resultant stresses for rectangular column subjected to eccentric load.

Cylindrical shells, Thick walled & Thin walled cylinders and spheres, stress, strain and volumetric changes.

Column and struts, Slenderness ratio, short and long columns crippling load, Euler's theory.

Deflection of beams, Relation between curvature, slope and deflection, Slope and deflection for cantilever and simply supported beams.