In this Course students will have fundamental knowledge on following concepts of Data Communication and Computer Networks. 

Fundamentals of Digital Communication. Communication channel, Measure of information, Encoding of source output, Shannon’s Encoding algorithms, Discrete and continues channel, Entropy, Variable length codes, Data compression, Shannon-Hantly Theorem. Baseband data transmission, Baseband pulseshaping, Inter Symbol Interface (ISI), Dubinary Baseband PAM, System Many signaling schemes, Equalisation, Synchronisation Scrambler and Unscrambler. Band-pass data transmission system ASK, PSK, FAK, DPSK &PSK, MSK, Modulation schemes coherent and Non Coherent detector. Probability of Error (PE) , Performance Analysis and Comparison. Error detection and correction codes, Linear Block Encoding, Algebraic Codes, Cyclic Codes, Convolution codes, Best Error, Correeding Codes, performance of Codes. Synchronous and Asynchronous transmission, Modem, Serial interface, Circuit Switching, Packet Switching, Hybrid switching, Architecture of computer network, OSI model, Data communication protocols