This includes the fundamentals of clinical science.

  •  To know the elements of medical words.
  •  To develop sense of correctness of medical terms.
  •  To gain an understanding of standard medical abbreviations.
  •  To understand the relationship between medical terms and their synonyms in common usage.
  • To spell correctly the medical terms, to detect the meaning of unfamiliar medical terms, by analysis into their elements, and to follow directions given in medical phraseology
  • To appreciate the logical order of medical terms, the exactness of concepts in medical terms, and the importance of medical terminology consciousness and continuous study


  • Developing an ability to read and understand medical records and the medical literature;
  • Writing terms correctly when abstracting medical records
  •  Establishing accuracy in International Classification of Diseases, Surgical procedures which will be useful in statistics, medical billing, and auditing medical insurance claims.

Topics to be covered

 I.   Introduction to Medical Terminology

1.      Definition and Origin of Medical Terms.

2.      Components of Medical Terms

3.      Prefixes

4.      Suffixes

5.      Roots and Combining forms

6.      External Anatomy and Internal Anatomy

7.      Additional Lists and their combining forms grouped as:

·         Verbs

·         Adjectives

·         Body Fluids

·         Body Substances

·         Chemicals

·         Colours

·         Phobias


II.   Terms Relating to the Body as a Whole

1.      Study of the Body

2.      Basic Structures

3.      Cells

4.      Tissues

5.      Organs

6.      Systems

7.      Directions

8.      Anatomic Planes and Position


III.    The Skeletal System, The Muscular System

1.      Pathologic conditions (Inflammations and Infections)

2.      Hereditary, Congenital and Developmental Disorders

3.      Fractures

4.      Metabolic and Deficiency Diseases

5.      Symptomatic Terms

6.      Diagnostic Terms

7.      Oncology Terms

8.      Operative Terms

9.      Laboratory Tests and Procedures

10.  Standard Abbreviations


IV.  Integumentary System,  The Cardiovascular System, The Respiratory system, The Gastrointestinal system

 1.      Pathologic Conditions Pathologic Conditions

2.      Fungal, Viral and Parasitic Infections

3.      Hereditary, Congenital and Developmental Disorders

4.      Symptomatic Terms

5.      Diagnostic Terms

6.      Oncology Terms

7.      Operative Terms

8.      Laboratory Tests and Procedures

9.      Standard Abbreviations

  V. The Genito-Urinary System, The Endocrine System, The Nervous System including Psychiatric disorders, Sense   organs

 1.      Pathologic Conditions

2.      Hereditary, Congenital and Developmental Disorders

3.      Symptomatic Terms

4.      Diagnostic Terms

5.      Oncology

6.      Surgical Procedures

7.      Laboratory Tests and Procedures

8.      Standard Abbreviations


  • Internal 1-   10%
  • Internal 2-   10%
  • Mid- term – 30%
  • End Term – 50%


 *GD Mogli- Paramedica 6-in-1 Handbook