Course Title: Applied Cardiac Care Therapy Technology 

Course Code: PCCT221T

Course Description:

The course contains the basics of  Electrocardiogram (ECG), Echocardiography, TMT, Halter, Catheterization technique and Cardio Respiratory fitness. Basically how ECG and echocardiography instrument are functioning it is incorporate in this applied cardiac care technology part. Not only the function of different cardio respiratory instruments it also deals with the lead used in the specific instrument, its type, even the waves (in case of ECG) also incorporate here. Similarly in case of Echocardiography, Halter monitoring, Cardiac Catheterization the different types, functioning that is the principal, mode of action also include in this course content.

Course Objective: 

Applied cardiac care therapy technology aims to teach the first steps of cardiac care technology in a systemic way to the B. Sc students from the paramedic or allied health science point of view.
The subject applied cardiac care therapy technology deals with  how well a heart is functioning and can monitor heart rate.  Cardiac care technicians measure how well a patient's heart is functioning. Cardiac care technicians assist physicians during invasive cardiovascular testing, where a tube is inserted into one of the blood vessels that carry blood into the heart. Cardiac care technicians monitor patients' heart rates and blood pressure, looking for any signs of trouble or distress. At the end of the course students will learn how to interpret ECG, TMT and other cardio pulmonary fitness technique.

Course Outcome:

After successful completion of the course the students acquires strong base of Electrocardiogram, Echocardiography, TMT, Cardiac catheterization, and cardio respiratory fitness status also.  Students expected to answer the question related to the above mentioned topic. Students are expected to apply the theoretical knowledge in case of hands on laboratory class i.e. during the practical class. Students are expected to learn the basic life support skills and the role of cardiac care technologists in paramedical science and the techniques of ECG, echocardiography, Halter, TMT and Cardiac Catheterization.

Course Structure:
Module I: Introduction about cardiac care technology, ECG, Importance of ECG, Leads of ECG, Waves of ECG, Segments  of ECG , Interval of ECG, Revision of Module I and/or Surprise Test/ Group Discussion.
•Module II: ECG anatomy - Chambers enlargement, Technical artefacts, ECG reporting, ECG reporting, Pretest ECG, Introduction to Treadmill Test - Indications and Safety, Revision of Module II and/or Surprise Test/ Group Discussion.
•Module III: Equipment and Protocols, exercise End Points, Basics of Interpretation of the Exercise Test, Exercise Testing to Diagnose Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease, Pre-test Probability (true positive, false positive, true negative and false negative ST-Segment Interpretation, Confounders of Stress ECG Interpretation. Result Reporting, Revision of Module II and/or Surprise Test/ Group Discussion.
•Module IV:  Echocardiography, Echocardiographic views, Imaging modes - two-dimensional (2D) imaging, M-mode imaging, Doppler imaging, Orientation to the Cath - Lab and biomedical equipments, Radiation safety and protocols, Vascular access - arterial in femoral, radial and ulnar, venous in femoral, Revision of Module IV I and/or Surprise Test/ Group Discussion.
•Module V: Catheterization left heart and right heart, Angiography – Chambers, Transducers balancing, measurement of pressures, Calculations of gradients, Blood flows, cardiac output and Calculations of cardio shunts, resistances, Management of patient in the Cath - Lab, coronary angiogram views, Cardio respiratory techniques, tests, TMT test, Maintaining sterility, Revision of Module IV I and/or Surprise Test/ Group Discussion.


  • Internal 1-   10%
  • Internal 2-   10%
  • Mid- term – 30%
  • End Term – 50%
1) A text book of Electrocardiography - Goldberger
2) Essential of Medical Physiology, K Sembulingam
3) Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology
4) A Text of Cardiac Catheterization & Interventions. Dr. W. Grossman's D. Baim