Scope and Objective of the course

To extend knowledge about international business management encompassing general overview regarding need of International business, international finance, international business environment, government policies, international supply chain management & operation and International trade communities. The main objective is to impart the crux of international business components that makes the students acquainted with its practicability in the modern business orientation beyond national boundary.

International Business: An Overview

Globalisation & Why a business go International

Theories of International Trade

Significance of International Business

International Orientation: EPRG

Driving Forces

Types of International Business

Problems before International Business

 General International Environment

Intro to the Business Environment & Significance

Economic Environment  – Conditions, Policies & System

Legal Environment

Social and  Cultural Environment

Political Environment

International Operation & Supply Chain Framework

Nature and Scope of International Operation

Structure of Distribution Channel in International Market

International Logistics: Components & Significance

International Market Entry Strategy

Direct Export and Indirect Export

Market Intermediaries

Balance of Payment

Introduction: Concept of BOP & BOT

Component: Current Account

Component: Capital Account

 Forex Control

Concept & Objectives of the Foreign Exchange Control

Types of Forex Control


Factoring & Forfaiting

 Government Policies

Historical Background of Development of India’s Foreign Trade

Export Import Policies & Other Trade policies

Export Promotion Strategy of the Government

 International Finance

FDIs& FIIs: Concept, Significance & Limitations

Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions

Depository Receipts: ADR & GDR

International Trade Financing

(Export: Trade Finance/Payment)

Finance to Overseas Importers

 Economic Communities

Economic Integration of Developing Economies

RTA: Problems and Benefits

SAARC: Functions and Features

ASIAN: Functions and Features

EC: Significance and Limitations

International Monetary Fund and


Concept, Objectives & Vision of IMF

Financing Facilities of IMF

GATT / WTO: Functions and Features

 Settlement of International Trade Disputes and WTO (Steps)

Arbitration and Litigation