This Course is studied by 2nd year ECE and EEE students. This is a compulsory course for both the Engineering streams.

Scope & objective of the course:   The objective of this course is to provide the students with the basic understanding of electromagnetic fields and waves to lay the foundations of electromagnetism and its practice in modern communications such as wireless, guided wave principles such as waveguides and transmission lines. The scope of this course in broad-sense consists of Maxwell’s equations, electromagnetic wave and its propagation and transmission lines.

Course Outcome: At the end of the course, a student will be able to:

1. Define and recognize different co‐ordinate systems to describe the spatial variations of the    physical quantities dealt in electromagnetic field theory as they are functions of space and time.

2. Apply different techniques of vector calculus to understand different concepts of electromagnetic field theory.

3. Explain fundamental laws governing electromagnetic fields and evaluate the physical quantities of electromagnetic fields (Field intensity, Flux density etc.) in different media using the fundamental laws.

4. Deduce and justify the concepts of Transmission Lines by means of transporting energy or information

5. Understand the concept of electromagnetic waves, in the form of radio waves, TV signals, radar beams and light rays.

6. Solving the problems of transmission line using Smith chart. Generalize the concepts of guided structures like transmission line, means of transporting energy or information, commonly used in power distribution and communication.