Learn Analysis of Structure

This course is Studied by B.Tech Civil Engineering 3rd Year student. This is the second part after the Analysis of Structures-I (CE327). As a prerequisite knowledge students need to have basic prerequisite knowledge of Engineering Mechanics and fundamental knowledge of Engineering Mathematics.   

Scope & The objective of the course:

Here the student will learn how members of a structure are subjected to internal forces like axial forces, shearing forces, bending, and torsional moments while transferring the loads acting on it. Analysis of Structures deals with analyzing these internal forces in the members of the structures. At the end of this course, students will be conversant with Energy and classical method of analysis.

A highlight of Topic:

1. Influence lines

2. Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Structures

3. Analysis of frames by MDM (Sway & Non-Sway type)

4. Introduction, The basic concept, Analysis of continuous beams by Kani’s method

5. Cables; suspension bridges.