Scope and objective of the course: The course provides an in-depth look at classical and modern optics, the phenomena and fields within optics related to the wave nature of the light, where physical principles are used to develop a firm fundamental understanding of optics and imaging. The topics dealt with in the course include interference, interferometry, holography, diffraction and polarization. This course is required for physics majors.

Learning Outcome of the Course:

On completion of the course, the student should independently be able to:
1. Account for basic wave concepts and the relevance of the wave length of light to the eye's experience of colour.

2. Account to and apply the concepts of polarization, interference and diffraction in situations that are relevant to the eye and the visual system.

3. Discuss and analyze the resolution in aberration free optical systems.
4. Choose and calculate appropriate photometric units in order to determine levels of light in technical lighting systems.
5. Explain the meaning of various wave length dependent characteristics of materials.

Text books(s):

T1: Modern Optics: A. B. Gupta, Books & Allied Ltd; 5th Edition (Reprinted: 2018)

 Reference book(s):

R1: Optics: Ajoy Ghatak, McGraw Hill Education India Private Limited; Sixth edition (1 July 2017)

R2: Concept of Physics Part-1: H.C. Verma, Bharati Bhawan, Fourth reprint of 2008

R3: University Physics: Alvin Hudson & Rex Nelson, Thomson Learning (1 January 1982)

R4: University Physics with Modern Physics: Young Hugh D. & Freedman Roger A., Pearson Education; Fourteenth edition (30 June 2017)