MBA Rural Management Program curriculum with department/institute’s mission. The most essential learning outcomes of the MBA Rural Management Program are identified through consultation. After an in-depth discussion, the committee identified some mostly accepted learning outcomes of the MBA (RM)Program as below: Business Environment and Domain Knowledge: This helps in recognizing the functioning of Rural businesses, identifying potential business opportunities, the evolvement of business enterprises and exploring the entrepreneurial opportunities. Social entrepreneurs with help for the development of rural livelihood. 

The course objective is to impart knowledge on issues related to lending to priority sector credit management and financial risk management. The course would bring in the various appraisal techniques in project - investment of agricultural projects.


This course exposes develops a strong conceptual and an analytical framework on agricultural marketing system with special reference to economic development. And also get an idea about projection of demand supplies of farm product and the prospectus of marketing of organic products.


i) To study the Agricultural marketing system;

ii) ) To study the extent of marketing reforms in Agriculture;

iii) To study about the Marketing function of agricultural products.

Introduction: This course introduces students to the foundations of rural development and the sustainable development includes theories, case study, national and international development. Students will examine the dynamics of rural development and demonstrate the ability to identify, describe, and apply in the essential business concepts, and theories. Learning objectives i) To study about the experiments in the pre-independent and post-independent period on Rural Development in India; ii) To study the experiments on Rural Development in Developing Countries (SAARC); iii) To Study the features of the rural economy in India comprising of farm and non-farm sector; iv) To Study the concept of poverty at the national and international level, preparation of BPL list; v) To study the determinants, policy, and sustainable policies of.

This will fulfill this gap that Rural Marketing aimed at teaching the basics of Rural marketing to Management students. These (three credits) are offered on a turnkey basis to any management institutes interested in offering an elective course in rural marketing.

This course exposes develops a concept about rural marketing to understand the rural
price, distribution, communication, product and also know about the strategy about rural
marketing with recent updates..
Learning Objective:
The course objectives are objective of this course is to develop an understanding regarding issues in rural
markets like marketing environment, consumer behavior, distribution channels,
marketing strategies, etc.
Learning Outcome:
To understand the rural price, distribution, communication, product and also
know about the strategy about rural marketing.