The department of Child Health (Paediatric) Nursing provides courses related to child health nursing within the framework of the curriculum of Manipal College of Nursing and the Indian Nursing council (INC).

The department provides student-centered teaching and learning in conducive atmosphere that helps the students to gain confidence in their nursing knowledge and skills. The department is concerned with training the students in developing the knowledge and skills required to respond to health care needs of infants and children and their family in a variety of settings. Importance is given to the evidence based practice and safeguarding the health of child and the family. The courses offer the students the opportunity to identify the needs of children and provide comprehensive care. 

On completion of the course the students will be able to:

Growth and development of a child  at different ages, nutritional needs of different age groups of children, care of sick children during their common illness,school health programme, rights of children, mother and family members as per need of their Children.

Community Health Nursing, also called public health nursing or community nursing, combines primary healthcare and nursing practice in a community setting. Community health (CH) nurses provide health services, preventive care, intervention and health education to communities or populations. 

Course Objectives

 On completion of the course the student will be able to :

 1.   Describe the concept of community health, primary health care.

2.   Understand health policies, plans and programmes of the country,

3.   Understand the concept of community.

4.   Appreciate the role of the health team.

5.   Demonstrate home visit techniques and practices in the community

6.   Describe structure, function, characteristics and administrative set up of a community.

7.   Identify leaders, resources persons, community-based organizations, NGOs, and local resources.

8.   Identify community health needs and problems

9.   Describe concepts and methods of communication for health information.

10.  Describe the purposes, principles and methods of health counseling.

 Learning outcomes

·      Basic knowledge regarding Health, Community structure, Community Health Problems, health team role.

·      Developed nursing skill especially in nursing profession.      

·      Developed Identify the ethical considerations associated with planning, implementing, and evaluating health programs.

·      Improve Demonstrate an overarching understanding of research in the nursing field.

·      Create the job opportunity in the healthcare industry as registrar nurse

Course structure 

·      Unit-1-----Concept of Health

·      Unit-2-----Community Health                                   Practices

·      Unit-3-----Health Problems &                                   Policies

·      Unit-4-----Health Organization

·      Unit-5-----Role of Health Team

·      Unit-6-----Structure of Community

·      Unit-7-----Dynamics Of Community

·      Unit-8-----Scope & and method of                           community needs &                               assessment

·      Unit-9-----Communication                                       methods & media

·      Unit-10---Counseling

·      Unit-11---Community based                                    rehabilitation


·       Internal marks-25%

                - Activity participation -5%

                 -Base of performance on                           practical field-5%

                 -1st internal examination                           7.5%

                -2nd internal examination                         7.5%

·            Nursing council final                               examination-75%


1.Community Health Nursing

  Randhaya, R.K Gupta.

 2.Community Health Nursing K park

This course is designed to assist the student to acquire an understanding of describe the concept of infection and causation of disease,describe body defence mechanism and development of  immunity against diseases,different method of disinfection and sterilization,communicable diseases and their management,prevention of common communicable diseases and control,demonstrate routes of administration of drug,common drug used for emergencies and minor ailments,their indication,dosage and action.